Why You Need the Diva

Everyone is talking about social media these days, and for good reason.

If you own a business and you’re not involved with social media marketing you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity. It’s no longer enough to simply put up a company website and hope for the best. For small business owners the real test of social media is using it effectively to reach more customers and boost sales. At Divahound, we put all of the pieces in place with thoughtful strategies and reliable services that puts the power of social media to work for you.

Stacks of statistics point to the rising popularity of social media – 52% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old, over 1.2 billion people visit Facebook each month, and Twitter users send an average of 400 billion tweets each day. Is your business social media savvy? Use Divahound to immediately tap into the power of social media, level the playing field, and compete effectively against competition in the marketplace.

Our small business social media services will draw more people to your website and increase your search engine rankings. Our lead capture and e-mail marketing systems build and nurture communication with interested customers. Our small business marketing strategies ensure systems are in place to capture leads, establish multiple contacts with prospective customers, and convert online traffic into online sales.

Divahound will work with you to develop a small business social media plan. What’s more, we’ll implement and manage your plan every month so that you can be assured that your social media marketing efforts are working to build business every day. Contact Divahound today to learn how.