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Twitter 2.0: What Expanded Character Counts Mean For Small Businesses

by Shannon Huppin on January 24, 2018

Twitter 2.0: What Expanded Character Counts Mean For Small Businesses - Divahound

Twitter has always been about brevity. Until now.

Since its inception in 2006, the social media platform has only allowed messages that were 140 characters in length. In late 2017, Twitter bucked tradition and doubled the limit to allow 280 characters. This expansion made some users mad (wasn’t the whole point of Twitter was that the messages were short!?), and elated others (Finally! We can send out more info in one Tweet!). Whether your small business is just starting to utilize the platform or are adjusting to the new character limit as a veteran, these tips and benefits can help you make the most of your 280 characters.

It’s Easier

Let’s face it; it’s hard to say what you want to say in only 140 characters. With more space to write your message, you can get more information out to your audience in one blow. You also don’t need to spend valuable time trying to write and rewrite your message to fit into a shorter character count. You also don’t need to abbreviate words or use tricks like the ampersand to decrease your character use. Overall, your Tweets can sound more natural.

More Reach

By offering more info, you can include more (and more targeted) keywords in your messages. Hashtags are also important for Twitter users and can help your Tweets be seen by more people.

More Links

In addition to simply having more space, links still don’t count toward the character limit, so including more than one gives your small business the opportunity to drive more traffic to your websites, landing pages or other social media platforms.

Use Emojis

Yes, they are fun little pictures that may seem fluffy or frivolous, but the truth is they get used A LOT. Don’t miss out! Emojis can be used to convey emotion and inject a smile (literally and figuratively – into your Tweets.

We can help you develop a solid Twitter strategy and help you craft the best possible messages for your audiences to help you achieve your goals.  Contact us today with questions or to get started!

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