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Three Reasons To Include Good Visual Elements In Your Content

by Shannon Huppin on July 12, 2017

Three Reasons To Include Good Visual Elements In Your Content - Divahound

A person’s brain processes visual information 60 thousand times faster than text. And the text that people do read is only skimmed. Blog posts are a major marketing opportunity, so why do so many small business owners create blog posts and social content without any images?


Plain and simple, a piece of online content with an engaging image looks better. People spend a lot of time online, and they see a lot of content. If you want your pieces to stand out, you need an enticing image to encourage people to not only see your stuff but to want to click on it to read more.

Tips for choosing a great image:

Make sure it conveys your brand voice.

If your products and services are luxurious, choosing a photo of teen girls at the mall doesn’t make sense. If you’re appealing to moms, make sure the image is something they can relate to and doesn’t look too fake or stock photo-y, even if you’re using stock images.

Ensure your image is content-related.

Just like an image that doesn’t reflect your brand’s voice isn’t ideal, choosing an image that is totally unrelated to your content doesn’t make sense either. On one hand, a very literal image of your product or stock photo of someone related to your services could be boring and not be exciting enough for people to want to read more. On the other hand, an image that is enticing but has nothing to do with your content can mislead a reader and be considered clickbait.

Images with people work well.

It’s easier for your content readers to identify with your images if they can imagine themselves in the content’s scenario. Choosing an image with a single person and subject often performs better than an image with more than one person or multiple subjects in it.


Readers of your content are not only more likely to read more of your post if you include an image, but they are more likely to share the content with their social circle.

Making sure your images are large enough for different social platforms will also increase their shareability factor. When you plug your blog link into a Facebook post, does the auto-populated image fill the entire post area or is there only a small thumbnail image? By adjusting the sizes of your content’s images, you can change the way your posts appear to fans and followers in their social feeds.

Don’t Forget About Video!

If you aren’t incorporating video into your blogs and social posts, now is the time to begin. Not only do posts with video incur more engagement, but video viewers are 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a product video. Whether you film a promotional how-to video and post it to your blog and social channels or you invite your customers to submit their own videos using your product, videos will help earn eyeballs – and potential customers.

If you need more reasons to include images in your content or simply aren’t sure how to choose images or where to find them, contact Divahound today. Our years of content marketing experience can help your small business social media strategy move the needle on your bottom line.

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