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Three New Year’s Marketing Resolutions for Small Businesses

by Shannon Huppin on January 4, 2017

Three New Year's Marketing Resolutions for Small Businesses - Divahound

Just days into the new year, we have good news for you! Below are some small business New Year’s “resolutions” to help you create a marketing framework that will last all year. Planning is important, and with a few hours of focused time and these tips, you can start the new year in a solid marketing position ready to make the most of your first quarter.

Commit to Blogging

Good content is more than sharing a link on Facebook. By creating quality blog posts, you not only craft content to share across multiple platforms but increase your SEO presence. A weekly blog is a good goal and a good place to start. Make sure you offer some variety for readers in your posts and don’t be afraid to (selectively) recycle your content. That said, don’t simply copy and paste an old blog post into a new one. You could reference your former post and take a new angle for a blog post, or you could give readers an update on what you’ve learned about the topic and how your business has changed since you last posted. The bottom line is that crafting new blogs consistently will only increase your content bank and give you at least one solid social post each week.

Plan Time to Plan

This may be the most important piece of marketing advice we’ll give you. You will do yourself and your team a favor by putting aside one or two hours a week to plan your digital marketing efforts. Consider any holidays or local news that may affect your social reach for the week. Make sure your sales efforts are reflected in your social posts. And don’t forget to promote your weekly blog on your social channels!

The planning time that works best is the planning time that works in your schedule. If you work better in a monthly plan setting, you may need more time but can create a plan for the whole month to have less frequent planning sessions. Always allow some wiggle room to adjust to things that come up at the moment.

Don’t have the time to plan? Divahound is the solution you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to learn how we work with you to help you craft the perfect digital marketing plan to help your small business succeed.

Build Your Community

You’ve got your blogging under control and a block of planning time scheduled. All set for the new year, right? Wrong. Creating a sense of community will make your current customers feel valued and a part of something bigger, all while encouraging them to share your products and services with their friends. Build your community by engaging with your fans and followers. Like their posts, respond quickly to questions and thank them when they share your content. They’ll return the favor.

Cheers to your small business in the new year!

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