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Ten Ways to Expand Your Email Marketing List

by Shannon Huppin on June 28, 2017

Ten Ways to Expand Your Email Marketing List - Divahound

Email marketing is the new direct mail. The good news? Customers respond well to a quality email that offers value. The bad news is that people get a LOT of emails every day. Your email marketing efforts must stand out. But before any of that happens, you must have people ON your list to actually send emails to. List building isn’t easy, but getting started is. Here are some easy ways to get more emails onto your contact list so you can begin growing your business with email marketing.

  1. Do you have a physical store space? The old-fashioned pen and paper method still works. Place a sign-up sheet by your cash register or a high-traffic area and encourage people to sign up to receive email updates.
  2. Create a pop-up form on your website, so whenever a new IP address visits your web page, they are encouraged to sign up.
  3. Utilize your social media channels. Create a post that links people to your site to get them to sign up.
  4. Ask your team members or staff to help build your list. Have a contest to see who can sign up the most customers.
  5. Join a local chamber of commerce or industry organization that allows you to send email to members. Include a link to sign up for your newsletter.
  6. If your business has a loyalty program or birthday club, be sure to have members sign up for your email newsletter to get all the latest updates.
  7. Are you marketing to clients via text message? Ask those customers to sign up for your email newsletter. On the other side of that coin, you could ask your newsletter customers to opt in to receive text notifications.
  8. Include a “forward to a friend” option in every email. This allows your customers to begin engaging with their social circle and potentially get their friends and family to sign up for your list.
  9. In addition to creating a pop-up newsletter opt-in for your website, make sure there is a button to sign up for updates that is always live on the site.
  10. Make sure to collect business cards or put out a sign-up sheet at any local events or trade shows to capture information from people that pass by.

Always be aware of SPAM rules and don’t email your list so often that they get burnt out. If you don’t have anything interesting to say or any news that will add value, consider sending out a coupon or discount offer; people can’t get enough of a good deal! As your email list grows, so does the potential for your small business to do the same.

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