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Ten Topic Ideas To Live Stream in the New Year

by Shannon Huppin on January 18, 2017

Ten Topic Ideas To Live Stream in the New Year - Divahound

Happy new year, small business owners! While 2016 was a real nail biter, the beauty of a new year is the sense of a fresh start. If your small business was to try only one new way to market your business in the digital space this year, consider live streaming video.

This technology is going to explode in 2017, and consumers can’t get enough of it. In fact, people tend to watch videos three times longer when it’s live. Video is increasingly the most-consumed content online, so getting your small business in on the action could change the way you do business this year. Need some ideas of what to “go live” with? Here are ten:

Product Launch

Build up some buzz before your new product comes out and stream a live video to launch it into the world. Your fans and followers will feel like insiders that get the first look!


Consumers often have questions about your business. Have a few commonly asked questions ready to answer on the broadcast, and invite questions during the live stream.


Everybody loves a freebie! Entice people to join in watching the broadcast with the chance of winning a great prize and you’ll draw a crowd.

Product How-To

Show your fans and followers some unique ways to use your products, or invite people watching the broadcast to send in their favorite uses.

Live Broadcast an Event

Are you participating in a community fundraiser or hosting a special event? Have someone on your team live cast all the special happenings. Your fans will feel a part of the action, even if they aren’t able to attend in person.

Meet the Team

Show off the people you work with every day – even if it’s your fearless furry friend! An inside look into how your business runs makes people feel connected to your brand.

Product Sneak-Peek

Getting ready to launch a new product? Give viewers a quick glimpse into what they can expect. You don’t have to show the whole thing (save that for a product launch live stream!), but give them a sneak peek into color options or even packaging ideas.

Store or Warehouse Tour

Show your fans where the magic happens. A tour of your store, warehouse or even office can get people interested in how your business began and where it’s going.

Process Tour

A live stream video of how your product gets made or what your shipping assembly line looks like will help people appreciate how much effort goes into creating and sending your product to your customers.

Special Announcements

Other than product launches, announcements make great live streaming video opportunities. Announce a new store location, wish everyone a happy holiday or even tell your fans some exciting personal news!

If you’re not sure if live streaming is for your business, check out another blog post here to determine if it’s right for you. Ready to go with one of these ideas on Facebook Live? Click here for some easy tips for getting started. Contact Divahound today with any questions or for more ideas on how to get your digital marketing off to a great start this year.

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