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Ten Spring Social Media Post Ideas

by Shannon Huppin on March 8, 2017

Ten Spring Social Media Post Ideas

After the holidays, the new year and the rush of Valentine’s Day, your content generation imagination may be spent! But now is no time to let up! If you’ve created a solid social media plan for the year, you should already have your monthly sales and product launches worked into your calendar. Here are some other posting ideas for the season. These are ways to keep your customers engaged without a lot of brainpower on your end.

National Peanut Cluster Day – March 8

Whether or not your small business has anything to do with peanut clusters, a fun and funky post about something completely harmless keeps the tone light and followers entertained. Not into peanut clusters? There are plenty of other fun days, weeks and monthly observations about which you can create a post.

  1. Patrick’s Day

Everyone loves this green-filled holiday. If your small business or family has Irish roots, it’s a no-brainer. But even if you don’t have any ties to Ireland, post about St. Patrick’s Day and wish your fans and followers some luck.

  1. Daylight Savings

Many people don’t like to lose the sleep on the day we “spring forward,” but focus on the days getting longer and people getting more daylight in their day.

  1. First Day of Spring

The changing of the seasons is always an easy social post idea. People are glad that the cold Winter is over and a season of renewal is here.

  1. Easter/Passover

If a religious post is in line with your business’s ideals, then an Easter or Passover post may be appropriate.

  1. Spring Cleaning

People are ready to start airing out their homes and cleaning out any old junk that has gathered over the darker seasons. Do your products or services help them do this?

  1. Get Outside

A weather-related post is a nice way to celebrate the season, especially on a nice day or when you first see the signs of trees budding or flowers blooming.

  1. Festivals

Does your community have any Spring celebrations to post about? Visit your local cherry blossom festival or tulip celebration and create a post for your social media platforms showing you and your team out in the community.

  1. Turn Over A New Leaf

A fresh season brings the desire to create something new, so create a video or post showing your staff learning a new skill. Taking up a new hobby is a fun way to engage with your audience, and asking them what they are learning fosters engagement.

  1. Volunteering

With nicer weather and turning over a new leaf, getting involved in your community through volunteering efforts is a great way to create shareable content. Invite your customers, fans, and followers to join you!

  1. Office Tour

Is your office doing a little Spring cleaning of your own? Are you making improvements or expanding your work space? A video office tour gives your audience a “behind the scenes” look into your work, creating a sense of transparency and building trust.

There are many, many more ways to engage with your social media fans this season. Want help crafting a plan for Spring and the rest of the year? Contact us today!

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Loretta March 9, 2017 at 10:53 pm

All excellent ideas and super easy to work into any topic or niche 😉
(and I’m off to work on some post drafts….)

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