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Ten Social Media Post Ideas for Fall

by Shannon Huppin on October 18, 2017

Ten Social Media Post Ideas for Fall - Divahound

Believe it or not, the first day of fall is already behind us! The year is flying by, but with the holiday shopping season coming up very soon, Q4 is a booming time for lots of small businesses.

If you’re already planning your social media calendar for 2018, good for you! If you’re focused more on just getting through the last few months of this year, we’ve got you covered there too. Here are ten great ideas for social posts in the fall season.

  1. Back to school! Kids are back into the classroom for another school year. Capitalize on that momentum by wishing kids a great year, and maybe offering parents a little discount on one of your products or services.
  2. Another way to celebrate the back to school season is to “sponsor” a classroom. Get a gift card for school supplies for a teacher and tell your social fans about what you’re doing in your community.
  3. Feel like doing something even bigger? Host an online school supply drive! Create an Amazon wish list, share it on your social channels and have supplies sent straight to a school or teacher. Doing good is always good PR.
  4. Don’t forget about the new fall season! Ask your followers to fill in the blank: “My favorite thing about fall is ________.”
  5. Create a time-lapse video of the changing colors near your office or facility. Commit to taking a photo in the same place each day and loop them together for an end-of-season surprise video.
  6. Fall is a great time to offer a sale or discount! People are always thinking about Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but offering a social media exclusive discount earlier in fall may get people excited about the holiday shopping season (AND give you a head start on your Q4 revenue goals!
  7. All the holidays give you quick and simple fodder for social posts. Halloween, Thanksgiving and any special fall festivals or celebrations your city observes are worth a post.
  8. Share a fun fact about the season or create a simple contest for people to guess the answer and win a prize.
  9. Does your small business have a fall tradition? Tell your fans about it and then ask them about theirs.
  10. Post a picture of your office’s fall soup pot luck and get fans and followers to submit their favorite recipes online.

The list doesn’t end there. Anything seasonal can be related back to your business if you take a few moments to think about what your audience would want to know, see or hear from you. Seasonal posts are a great way to keep your page feeling alive without getting to sales-y. Don’t forget that many seasonal posts can offer evergreen content for next year, too! Contact us today and let us know how we can help.


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