7 Live Streaming Best Practices for Effective Videos

by Shannon Huppin on October 4, 2017

Videos are continuously growing as the most-viewed content online. Need some hard evidence? Check out these stats: People watch live videos three times longer than other videos. Users are ten times more likely to comment on a live video than on other videos or posts. Video of a live event significantly increases brand favorability. Are […]

Ten Topic Ideas To Live Stream in the New Year

by Shannon Huppin on January 18, 2017

Happy new year, small business owners! While 2016 was a real nail biter, the beauty of a new year is the sense of a fresh start. If your small business was to try only one new way to market your business in the digital space this year, consider live streaming video. This technology is going […]

Live Streaming Video: Right For Your Small Business?

by Shannon Huppin on June 15, 2016

The video arena of digital marketing has seen explosive growth in the last year. People are craving more intimate and interactive experiences, and videos help them feel a part of something bigger. If you’re wondering how and why you should incorporate video into your marketing strategy, click here to read more on the Divahound blog.  […]

Video is on the rise in the social media game. More than half of the people online (55%) spend time watching videos online every day. The number of video posts per person on Facebook has increased 75% in just a year, with more than 1 billion videos viewed on the platform daily. A classic case […]

With new video apps popping up all the time and social media giants like Facebook adding its own video uploading service, it’s hard to ignore the trend. In 2014, the average mobile user spent 40 minutes watching videos on YouTube per session, and more than 6 billion hours of video are uploaded each month. Starting […]

We’ve seen quite a bit of research recently demonstrating the value of using video content in your social media activity. It makes a lot of sense that the richer or more valuable you can make your small business’s content (from a user perspective), the more likely that you will see an increased level of engagement. […]

If you’re reading this, you probably understand that video marketing can be a great tool to promote your small business. But you also realize that making a “great video” is easier said than done. So the $64,000 question is two-fold: how do you make a video that people will want to see? And, how can you […]

The Power of Viral Marketing Videos and Branding

by Shannon Huppin on October 30, 2013

Back in April at the  Coachella music festival in California, Jimmy Kimmel had a “man on the street” segment in his talk show where one of his people interviewed young music fans. These fans looked pretty hip – almost too hip. The interviewer asked the festival goers if they liked a certain band. Indeed they did – they loved […]

Should Your Small Business Use Video Marketing?

by Shannon Huppin on August 28, 2013

If you’re playing around with different marketing strategies for your small business, don’t overlook the advantages of video marketing. You may be intimidated by the idea of creating a video but once you get past your initial fears, you’ll discover that video marketing is an excellent way to promote your product or service and gain new customers. […]

We hate to date ourselves but believe it or not, we were around when Friendster was still a hip thing (we can hear George Takei saying “Oh myyyyyy” in our heads at this revelation). And since then, we’ve noticed the unstoppable momentum of all types of social media and how, as a small business, you […]