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Small Businesses – How To Research Relevant Hashtags

by Shannon Huppin on May 17, 2017

Using hashtags in your social media marketing efforts is one of the quickest and easiest ways to do two things. First, it helps people find your content. Second, it connects you with other users interested in similar subjects. Among those people interested in similar subjects, you’ll probably find an influencer that could be a potentially […]

Ten Topic Ideas To Live Stream in the New Year

by Shannon Huppin on January 18, 2017

Happy new year, small business owners! While 2016 was a real nail biter, the beauty of a new year is the sense of a fresh start. If your small business was to try only one new way to market your business in the digital space this year, consider live streaming video. This technology is going […]

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. In fact, it’s growing rapidly. The average American spends more than 37 minutes each day using social media. That is very valuable time, and businesses are clamoring to be in front of those consumer eyeballs. If you aren’t spending time positioning your […]

7 Thanksgiving Social Post Ideas for your Small Business

by Shannon Huppin on November 9, 2016

Thanksgiving is very nearly here, and brands are already vying for consumers’ holiday attention (and dollars). Knowing how to effectively position your small business throughout the holidays can be tricky, but we’re here to help you through Thanksgiving. Social media posting for holidays can seem trivial, but there are ways to engage with your audience […]

7 Halloween Social Post Ideas for Your Small Business

by Shannon Huppin on October 12, 2016

With the spookiest holiday just weeks away, lots of people are looking for ways to incorporate Halloween thrills and chills into their marketing efforts. Holidays are a great way to engage with your audience, as well as piggybacking on trending topics. Even if your small business isn’t specifically Halloween-related, you can get in on the […]

Fall is here, and many small business owners are either coming off of their busy season or ramping up for holiday season. It’s easy to fall (no pun intended) into a rut when it comes to crafting posts for your social media marketing campaigns. We are creatures of habit, and if you find that all […]

Writers are known for creating images with their words, and knowing how to craft copy that is engaging is one of the most powerful tools a writer can use in marketing their work. But images – and video – are increasingly powerful and more importantly – shared. Quote graphics are shared much more quickly and […]

After you’ve written your book or even before it’s released, Facebook Live can be a great way to engage with your readers in a real time format that is modern and inexpensive. That being said, make sure your audience is using Facebook in this way so that you’re not inviting people to a party that […]

Digital Marketing for Authors: Four Winning Instagram Tactics

by Shannon Huppin on September 7, 2016

Authors are used to telling stories with words, not pictures. A highly visual platform like Instagram may seem daunting for those that aren’t typically communicating with images, but it’s a fantastic tool for connecting with readers. Divahound is here to help you research, plan and execute a top-notch digital marketing strategy for your book so […]

Ten Social Media Post Ideas for Authors

by Shannon Huppin on August 31, 2016

You’re a published author, congratulations! Many writers dream of the day they can say this, and whether you’ve self-published an e-book or are going a more traditional route with a publisher, keeping your book top-of-mind is important. You spent a lot of time and creative energy in bringing your book to life, so make sure […]