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Social Media Calendar 2018 Planning – It’s Time to Start!

by Shannon Huppin on November 15, 2017

Social Media Calendar 2018 Planning - It's Time to Start! Divahound

Sure, there is plenty of 2017 left. But there’s never been a more perfect time to get a kick start on next year’s social media calendar. By having a plan set in place well before the new year, there’s no mad scramble to get something less than spectacular in place, and you’ll be better prepared to reach your goals. Here is our top-down approach to creating a calendar that will help your small business achieve your marketing goals and have a productive year.

2018: The Year

What do you want to accomplish this year? Taking time to decide on big goals for your business will help you drill down to more specific tactics to reach them. Write down 1-3 large goals you want to take on next year, and an approximate timeline of when you want them to happen. These goals can be a mix of overarching sales goals, business expansion goals, and even personal growth items. Whatever the goal, make sure that all benchmarks and smaller goals and tactics are feeding into these large, must-do items.


What can you do this quarter to foster the success of the yearly goals you’ve set? One of the best ways to reach a big goal is to chunk it up into smaller ones. When it comes to social media, a good quarterly plan is to create benchmarks or milestones for your channels and their engagement. A quarterly review of your follower levels, post reach, and engagement (likes, comments, shares) can help you adjust your posting strategy and ascertain if different kinds of content bring about more or better engagement.


A great way to tackle monthly social media planning is to choose 12 themes – one for each month – and plan social posts around the theme. They can be as simple as a seasonal idea (January is a good time to promote healthy living and tips) or as complex as a fundraising campaign for a community event your business is sponsoring. These monthly themes can also help you come up with some great blogging topics that all fall into each of the categories. It is totally doable to write 12 blog posts in a year.


Continuing of our top-down, flow-up theme, your weekly social media posting plan should coordinate with your monthly theme. The weekly post plan can have some creativity and flexibility, but you could make it even simpler by theming each day of the week so that you always know what to post. For example, Monday could be a motivational post, Tuesday could talk about your products and services, Wednesday could reveal the new blog post each week and so on.

Top Tips

  • Try to post daily. A consistent approach is not only easier with a calendar already set, but your audience will be more likely to stay loyal to your small business when they hear from you often.
  • Be flexible. If something comes up that needs to take precedence over the calendar, don’t worry about it. Calendar content can usually be shifted to another time and as an added bonus; you’ll have one fewer thing to think about.
  • If you can’t blog weekly, make sure you can create at least one blog post per month. This blog post will be easier with a monthly theme established, and with your calendar already set up with a few months left in the year, you can even begin writing this content ahead of time.
  • Don’t forget about holidays! Work the holiday posts into the calendar now and you’ll never miss one.

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