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Small Businesses – How To Research Relevant Hashtags

by Shannon Huppin on May 17, 2017

Small Businesses - How To Research Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags in your social media marketing efforts is one of the quickest and easiest ways to do two things. First, it helps people find your content. Second, it connects you with other users interested in similar subjects. Among those people interested in similar subjects, you’ll probably find an influencer that could be a potentially lucrative connection.

On the other side of the hashtag coin, however, if you use the wrong hashtags you won’t be doing your small business any favors. Your content will be seen, but probably not by the right people.

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What’s a small business owner to do? The answer is simply to find the right hashtags. These tips and tools will set you off on the right foot:

Niche Industry Hashtags

Start with finding what hashtags are trending in your industry. Tools like Hashtagify.me allow you to search for any topic and you’ll be able to see the top 10 hashtags related to that subject. Sites like HashAtIt.com and Hashtags.org allow you to search terms across multiple social platforms.

Influencer Hashtags

Once you’ve discovered what hashtags are being used in your industry, find some influencers that are using those hashtags relevant to your fans and followers. Take some time looking through some top posts of the people that are making waves in your industry. There are also tools like Twitonomy that can help you see what hashtags are resonating with the followers of a particular user.


We know that when you post content makes a difference. What if you could know which hashtags were trending in real time? Keyhole allows you to see that exact info. When you’ve got your post ready and you’re prepared to post it, knowing which hashtags are trending right now can help your content reach more people.

Divahound can help you craft the right content and get it in front of the right eyeballs to make a difference for your small business. Contact us today to get started.

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