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Your Small Business Social Media Plan for 2017 – 12 Easy Posts

by Shannon Huppin on December 21, 2016

Your Small Business Social Media Plan for 2017 - 12 Easy Posts

With very little of 2016 left, plans for next year should be shaping up quickly. Even though your social media editorial calendar should align with your sales goals and overall themes for the year, sometimes it’s hard to keep coming up with what to post on social media channels. In case you need a little help, these 12 ideas will give you a simple post any month of the year. Contact Divahound today to begin creating a master plan for your social media efforts in 2017.


  • Happy New Year! An inspirational quote to start the year will be likable and shareable.


  • Show your customers some love with a Valentine’s Day discount or buy-one-get-one offer.


  • What exciting new products or services do you have planned for your customers this year? Give them a preview.


  • What do you love about what you do? Why did you start your business? Share something personal about your small business this month.


  • Summer is almost here! Everyone is ready for a vacation, so how can your small business provide “rest” this month? Tell your customers how your product or service will make their lives easier.


  • Half of 2017 will be gone this month! How can you show your fans and followers some appreciation for their loyalty this year? You could do a contest for a big, fun prize, or simply provide 20% off their next service when you book appointments this month.


  • Celebrate America’s birthday with some “fireworks.”


  • The dog days of summer have set in. Post a funny picture of your team to take some of the heat off!


  • No matter your industry, September is a season of “back to basics.” Post a video of how to use your product effectively.


  • Scare up some new business with a Halloween-themed deal. Send your customers a treat with a discount coupon or tell them to bring a friend to earn some new customers.


  • Gratitude is the name of the game this month. Check out our Thanksgiving social post idea list here, or simply tell your fans why you’re thankful for their business all year long.


  • End the year with a bang! Offer a top-notch seasonal deal or provide a respite from the holiday bustle with simple inspirational posts.


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Jim M January 22, 2017 at 2:35 pm

That is a great use of the months. After about April most small businesses are deep in their work and their copy starts to look uninteresting. There is no spark. This is a way to catch customers attention and put a personal spin on conversations. Great idea. Simple and direct. I would say that it might be an idea to grab some other countries holidays also. Like Cinco de Mayo, Dias De Las Muertos, Chinese New Year. Get more attentions from audiences that you don’t normally have contact with.

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