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Small Business Owners – Three Ways to Provide Better Customer Support

by Shannon Huppin on August 23, 2017

Small Business Owners - Three Ways to Provide Better Customer Support - Divahound

Just because your business is small, doesn’t mean your task list is small! You have the full responsibility of running the business in your hands, and that means a lot of tasks on your plate.

If there’s one thing that can make or break your business, it’s a good relationship with your customers. But responding to customer requests can also be one of the most time-consuming tasks if you’re taking is on yourself. What’s a workable solution? Here are some ways you can improve your customer service – and customer experience – without losing precious time out of your day.

Provide Tools

Nobody likes to feel like they are left out to dry, so be sure to provide customers with tools to get their question answered.

To save time, provide an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on your website or a downloadable document. This FAQ can keep your email inbox clear of basic questions about hours or pricing, and free up your time on the phone by not having to pick up and answer the same question 38 times a day. Your FAQ should be a living document, so make sure as your business evolves, the answers you provide evolve with you.

In case your FAQ doesn’t answer your customer’s question, give them ample opportunity to contact you so that their issue can be resolved. If you don’t want calls, don’t provide a phone number, but be sure to give an email address that you check daily. If you don’t want email inquiries, be sure that the phone number you provide is one that gets answered every time. You have some control over how people contact you, but be sure that whichever way you choose is the way that you’ll actually be able to commit to answering.

Always Respond – No Matter What

Once you’ve given customers the appropriate lines of communication, make sure you answer their calls or emails every. Single. Time. Not only will this create trust with your customers, but it will keep your customer support queue from getting backed up and becoming unmanageable.

Bonus tip: Create a routine so that you’re setting aside time each day to answer customer requests. Choose the same block of time every day, so that each request is answered within 24 hours.

Invest in Automation

For a more high-tech solution, consider adding some automation into your customer service support methods. Many businesses are offering online chat options making it simple for customers on your website to get price quotes or get questions answered quickly. However, many of these chat options need a live person in order to be effective. Another chat option is a chatbot. These chat “robots” take information that you input (often from an FAQ or another form of data) and help answer questions on your behalf. Chatbots can feel a little cold (they are robots, after all!), so be sure you’re investing in one that can offer a valuable experience for your customers.

Even if automation helps filter some requests, make sure customers always have the option to reach you or a member of your team in person. Want some help fine-tuning your customer support? Contact Divahound today!

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