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Why Your Small Business Should Invest In Stock Photography

by Shannon Huppin on February 21, 2018

Why Your Small Business Should Invest In Stock Photography - Divahound

When it comes to garnering attention online, your first step is an eye-catching image. We’ve posted blogs before about why an engaging image will gain better reach for your content, but this post will help you figure out where and how to source great images.

First things first, googling an image and simply using it for your post simply won’t cut it anymore. While there is nothing wrong with using Google to check out images for inspiration, you run a significant risk of copyright infringement if you post an image that you don’t have the right to use.

Just because you’re a small business owner and may have a smaller budget doesn’t mean you can’t invest in some great stock photography. We’ve outlined a few paid and free sites that offer good photography for your content. Many sites have hundreds of thousands of images, so the challenge then is choosing which one to use!


With tons of images to choose from and multiple purchase options, Shutterstock has something for everyone. If you know you won’t need a lot of images, purchase some credits and download an image when you need it. If you’re building a new website or are consistently publishing content that needs great images, a monthly subscription could be a better bet.


Started in 2000, this resource has one of the oldest and most expansive high-quality image libraries online. Owned by Getty Images, this site has pricing plans similar to Shutterstock and can fit budgets large and small.


For a younger, millennial-focused vibe, Stocksy offers a cooperative to artists looking to share their work and fantastic images to buyers wanting something different. You’ll pay a higher price per image, but what you get is excellent quality, and you can feel good about supporting someone’s livelihood.


Free from any licensing issues, all images are available to you for personal or commercial use. The search tool makes it easy to find an image you like, but there are fewer options to choose from on this site – which may or may not make your job easier.

ISO Republic

Another co-op type site, it’s hard to believe that these images are actually free. While there is a limited selection, you can opt in to receive new images in your email inbox weekly. There are premium images for sale as well.

Not enough options? Here are some other resources for free (or nearly free) stock photography. Want some help in choosing the best site for you? Divahound can help you find the right image for your message, as well as help you craft great copy and social media content. Contact us today and let’s start something great together!

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