Email Marketing & Lead Capture

Social media can do wonders to boost the number of visitors to your website, but once they are there you must have thoughtful systems and strategies in place to capture those interested customers and continue to market to them. Our lead capture and e-mail marketing services use the best technologies and brightest approaches to build a database of fans, followers and potential customers. From there we design and implement systems to follow up with those potential customers using e-mail, text messages, online newsletters, and more; and convert leads into paying customers.

What does this mean for your small business? Divahound will set you up with an email hosting company that will allow you to maintain a database of subscribers to your email newsletter and easily send out regular newsletters. Many of our clients send email newsletters out monthly. We have several email hosting companies that we can recommend. Divahound will then work with you to develop a free download that your potential customers will find valuable. By subscribing to your monthly newsletter, your website visitors will be able to download a free eBook or white paper which provides valuable information. This is a proven method to build a database of potential customers and develop an ongoing relationship with them, and Divahound will make it happen for you.

Social media isn’t just about a Twitter account or a Facebook page. We help you put all the pieces together into a social media strategy with the goal to bring in new customers, reactivate old customers, and make more sales.

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