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Pinterest for Your Small Business: Top Tips for Engagement

by Shannon Huppin on July 23, 2014

Pinterest for Your Small Business: Top Tips for Engagement

Any solid social media plan will now include Pinterest. Small business owners, are you listening? This visual-focused social bookmarking tool has taken the Internet by storm, and its users are growing each day. In fact, in just the last three years, Pinterest’s unique visitors have grown by more than 2500 percent. Yes, you read that correctly, 2500 percent! In order to make the most of Pinterest to promote your brand and business, here are some top tips for engaging with your Pinterest followers.


1. Visuals are King

This may seem obvious, but we still see pins that are text-heavy or sized incorrectly; read: BORING. If you don’t have a picture to pin, take one. Make sure when you pin it that you can see the entire graphic, otherwise its power is lost.

Engagement Tip: What kind of visuals are your competitors pinning? Which of their posts are getting traffic? Some quick research surrounding what kind of content your followers (and theirs!) like will help you craft better pins.


2. Lists and Infographics

Have some cool ways to use your products? Want to share some “secret” uses for your latest creation? Lists and infographics get the most shares and pins, by making it easy for users and readers to scan and consume the content quickly.

Engagement Tip: Not sure how to make an eye-catching infographic? There are plenty of free tools online for creating infographics that you can then pin on your boards.


3. Pin Your Blog Posts

You’re already creating engaging content for your blog, right? Take it one step further and pin your blog posts. It’s a great way to cross-promote your brand online, and will increase your online content for SEO purposes.

Engagement Tip: Your blog readers are probably already using Pinterest, so create posts that make them want to pin! Pay attention to your blog comments and listen to what your readers are wanting. What gets them excited about your products or services? Use what you find to create pins that make your blog readers your Pinterest followers, and use pins to create new blog readers.

The best thing you can do to engage with your customers is to listen. Remember that all of your efforts are about them, not you. Highlight your products and services in a way that make them connect with your brand and become your ambassadors.

As always, a competent leader in creating top-notch social media planning and brand engagement can guide you to Pinterest paradise. Divahound will help you craft the perfect plan for social media success; contact us today!

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Lynne July 31, 2014 at 3:59 am

Thanks for the great tips! Got to get my pictures organized. Thanks for sharing.

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