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LinkedIn Company Pages for Small Businesses – Changes Ahead!

by Shannon Huppin on March 22, 2017

LinkedIn Company Pages for Small Businesses - Changes Ahead! - Divahound

Late in 2016, LinkedIn made some major changes to the way company pages are displayed and utilized by users. The cleaner, more minimalistic look and feel of the pages makes information easier to find and read. The new page look also gives people a clearer picture into how your small business began, how it’s run and why your business is the best choice for a prospective customer’s next projects.

Here are three major areas in which you’ll see changes, and how they can affect your small business:

New Content

The three main sections of content on company profile pages now include Overview, Jobs, and Life. The Overview section provides readers a high-level view of your business, as well as some company history and basic facts. The Jobs section is a great place to post any openings at your company. LinkedIn is a great social platform to hire great talent, so take advantage of it! The Life section of content is a great way to give readers a snapshot of the culture at your business. Show your audience what makes your company special – and video content fits nicely in this new format.

Profile Bar

In the new profile header at the top of the page, you can manage who your page administrators are. An admin is someone who can make changes to your company page, including your hours of operation, company history as well as profile images. Make sure you only allow people with the appropriate knowledge of your business to be assigned as admins.


A newly revamped analytics section has been added to the updates page, and it could be one of the most valuable changes to the LinkedIn company page. This information can help you see who has liked, commented or shared your posts from the last seven days, as well as a percentage change from the previous week. What can this information do for your small business? It can help you determine what kind of updates your audience is most engaging with. Then you can adjust your content strategy accordingly. If you post the same kind of content for every update, chances are you aren’t getting the best engagement possible. Try posting a variety of types of content, and use the new analytics to gauge what kind gets the best result.

We have experience in crafting engaging posts as well as creating pages that attract customers. If you want help setting up an impactful LinkedIn company page, Contact us today.

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