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How Can Instagram Help My Small Business?

by Shannon Huppin on January 29, 2014

How Can Instagram Help My Small Business? Divahound

The Internet is buzzing about the fact that Instagram now offers video. Some in the online realm are especially excited, boldly proclaiming that Instagram provides “unlimited potential” for your small business. What does that even mean? I mean, my bowl of shredded wheat has unlimited potential, if you want to see it that way. But still, that’s pretty subjective. While we’re all for creating a positive buzz when something exciting comes along in the digital marketing arena, there’s no need to fall back on hyperbole like “unlimited” potential. I think my coffee cup delivers a nice jolt of “unlimited potential” on a daily basis.

Given this muted hysteria, we can’t blame small businesses for being a little leery to take the plunge and embrace Instagram. After all, to the average person online it’s just another hot commodity that very well may fizzle out within the month. What small businesses need isn’t overblown hype, but rather practical, real-world examples of how companies have successfully leveraged Instagram to drive business. Fortunately, it’s something we here at Divahound can provide, and it’s what we do on a daily basis. So how does it play out?

As much as we love Instagram for the visual splendors it provides, people often fail to understand how truly flexible it is as a platform. Let’s take a look at it through the lens (photography pun!) of brand management. Let’s say you’re a small business trying to market to hip, eco-conscious 20-somethings. It’s possible to achieve this solely through the power of words; however, when you factor in the power of photography, suddenly a whole new world is available to you.

So we work with small businesses not just on producing photos, but photos that complement and expand their brand messaging. This, in turn, interfaces with their blog strategy and other elements of their social media marketing approach.

Make sense? If it’s still a little out of focus, we can help. Contact Divahound today!

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