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Four Ways to Recycle or Repurpose Your Content

by Shannon Huppin on June 14, 2017

Four Ways to Recycle or Repurpose Your Content - Divahound

Small business owners wear many hats, and sometimes one aspect of your business may take more energy than another. Things get put on the back burner; that’s life. But one thing that often gets pushed to the side – and definitely shouldn’t – is marketing.

Firstly, you should have an established editorial or publishing calendar so you always know what is coming up and what pieces need to be written, posted and promoted on your social media channels. This careful planning can help prevent writer’s block and procrastination. That said, you can build in some breaks for you and your team by recycling content you’ve already created to garner better reach and increase SEO. Here are four ways to stretch your content:

Update A Post

As time goes by, your business changes, technology advances, and your products and services improve. One simple way to create a fresh new blog post without reinventing the wheel is to update an old post. Copy the blog post, make any necessary updates and publish as new. Even if customers know all about the topic at hand, chances are they will still get value from it.

Create an FAQ Post

After some time in business, you’re probably used to getting the same kinds of questions about what you do. You may already have some of these questions answered in an FAQ page on your website. Need a quick blog post? Make sure those questions are up to date, dump them in a blog format and publish! You can also use this opportunity to link to other blog posts to increase your SEO.

Create A “Listicle” of Video How-To’s

If you’ve created videos of how to use your products, create a blog post with multiple videos or video links. This list – or “listicle” (an article made of a list) – won’t take much time to pull together since the videos are already created. Simply arrange the videos in an order that makes sense, and write a couple of sentences about each video. The reader can take the time to watch the videos that will offer them value.

Promote Evergreen Content

Perhaps the easiest way to recycle your content is to not recycle it at all! You probably have a blog post about the history of your company, or a post detailing your best-selling product or service that can be reposted, just as it is. Unlike a blog post that needs a fresh angle, this content hasn’t changed and doesn’t need to be edited or tweaked. This kind of evergreen content is great, but don’t fall into the trap of reposting the same content too often!

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