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Four Tips for Taking Fantastic Instagram Photos

by Shannon Huppin on April 19, 2017

Four Tips for Taking Fantastic Instagram Photos - Divahound

Instagram is a popular and growing social media platform, with 600 million monthly users. New features like Instagram stories have brands lining up to engage with their audiences via this trendy, image-focused network. If you already have an Instagram account, you’re on your way to success! These tips are for you and your team to learn how to take some excellent photos for Instagram to market your small business.

Choose Lighting Wisely

One of the best ways to get a good Instagram photo is to have good lighting. The term “good” can be defined differently for every business, but in general, you need enough light to be able to capture a powerful image.

Many successful Instagram users prefer natural light to artificial or “indoor” light. If you have the option to take your product outside or can utilize light from a window, that helps set a mood for your image. For up close or detailed shots, consider creating a mini “photo studio” in your workspace with a clean, uncluttered background and good artificial lighting.

Angle Matters
Depending on the subject of your photo, where you choose to take your photo from matters. Taking a photo from the side may be the best way to capture your product. For other things, like food or intricate items, taking a top-down approach may look good as well. Playing with the angles will help you learn how best to line up your shots and which of those kinds of photos rings true with your followers.

Composition – Getting It All In The Shot

Along with angle, composing a photo well can make a difference in how the end product appears on Instagram. There aren’t a lot of hard and fast rules about how to compose well, but in general, there is a subject of a photo and the rest is background noise. While the subject is the MOST important part of the shot, the background stuff can help tell part of the story. What do you want your followers to see? What do you want them to feel? These are the questions you should be thinking about when positioning yourself – or your subject – for a photo.

Have Some FUN

Don’t get too hung up on likes and comments. It takes time to identify your small business’s voice and identity on Instagram. Some really great shots have come from candid moments, goofy selfies and even mistakes. Try turning on “Burst Mode” to capture a freeze-frame effect of some interesting action. Play with different filters and editing tools on Instagram or other image-editing app. Don’t be afraid to experiment. After a while, you may see your brand’s voice emerging on its own.

Have questions about how you can market your small business on Instagram? Contact Divahound today  – we can help!

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