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Five Holiday Marketing Ideas for Dentists

by Shannon Huppin on December 7, 2016

Five Holiday Marketing Ideas for Dentists

Thanksgiving is past and the holiday shopping season is underway! This season is a busy one for everyone, but you can still market your dental practice in a way that is relevant and not too sales-y. Check out these tips for some marketing ideas to get you to January 1st with a full patient calendar and a great outlook for the new year.

Insurance Reminders

It’s the boring stuff, but it matters, and sometimes people forget about it. Many dental insurance plans renew at the end of each year, so if people haven’t taken advantage of any free cleanings or other offerings that their insurance provider gives, remind them! This can help book appointments before January and also gives your clients a friendly reminder that you’re always looking out for them

Holiday Gifting

Another obvious choice, but dental care or whitening services may be a great gift and one that someone may not give themselves. Creating attractive gift certificates or service packages offers clients an easy gift that the recipient will actually use.

Be Good for Santa!

One way for parents to get their kids excited about going to the dentist is to remind them that they must be good for Santa to bring them what they asked for! Consider offering families a buy one, get one deal for children’s’ dental cleanings or offer a free follow up appointment for kids needing dental work done before the holidays. Adults should also “be good” and take care of their teeth; they may need reminding as well!

Be Good to YOU

It can be a stressful time of year, and for women especially, remind them that they do so much for everyone else during the holidays and that they deserve some “me time” too! Offer a discount on whitening services (great for holiday photos!) or do a giveaway on your social channels for a deluxe bleaching package. Make sure your giveaway or discount is something that they may want but wouldn’t do for themselves. Make them WANT to come to the dentist!

New Year Specials

Every New Year people create resolutions to be better, healthier and wiser in the coming year. You can get in on this action by offering new patient specials or a January “door buster” deal. This will help a traditionally slow time of year and fill your calendar with new patients. While good dental hygiene and care are important all year long, it may be at the top of people’s minds at the beginning of the year, and you want to be the first one they think about!

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