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Five Easy Holiday Marketing Ideas For Food Trucks

by Shannon Huppin on December 13, 2017

Five Easy Holiday Marketing Ideas For Food Trucks - Divahound

Food trucks typically know how to “do” social media. But it’s easy to let marketing go by the wayside, especially during busy times of year (i.e. the holidays). Another challenge for food trucks in colder months is just that – the cold! People are less likely to stand outside to wait for their food if the wind chill is less than zero. Here are five ways to keep your customers coming during the holidays and bring a little seasonal cheer to your social media channels!

Temperature Challenge

If you live in a part of the country where it gets cold, use the falling temperatures to drive customers to your food truck. For example, offer your signature dish at whatever the temperature is at a given time on a given day. If it’s 24 degrees outside, your best-selling tacos are only $2.40 each! Depending on how expensive it is to make your signature items, you could offer this temperature challenge each week during winter, or simply generate buzz about the chosen day you offer your deeply discounted delicious fare.

Another way to incorporate the temperature is to play to people’s competitive nature. Make sure you encourage your fans to stay safe, but offer anyone that ventures into the cold on a day that is less than freezing a free order of insert-your-food-item-here.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

The holidays are busy and sometimes people need to take a break and have a little fun, just to have fun! Tease your fans and followers on social media and give them “clues” to follow to a secret holiday location. Ask people how they found you and offer them a free hot cocoa or another holiday treat!

Charity Event

Tis the season for people to count their blessings and be hyper-aware of the less fortunate. Choose a local charity to partner with and donate one day’s profits to that cause. You could involve the charity’s staff and ask them to help take orders, greet people in line, market your charity event via their own social channels and get the media buzzing about the event.

Holiday Cook-Off

Are you known for the best fill-in-the-blank in town? Challenge your city to a holiday-themed “cook off.” Tell people to cook or bake their own version of your signature creation and host a holiday taste test. The winner could get to be a “chef for a day” and work beside you in the food truck to learn how to make your top dishes.

Local Celebrity Chefs

Invite local celebrities such as radio personalities, TV anchors or other well-known individuals to serve food from your truck for a day. People will come out for your food and to catch a glimpse of some familiar faces. These celebrities can use their influence to drive customers your way, and if you offer to donate part of the day’s proceeds, you may have celebs lining up to participate! Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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