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Digital Marketing for Authors: Four Facebook Live Broadcast Ideas

by Shannon Huppin on September 14, 2016

Digital Marketing for Authors: Four Facebook Live Broadcast Ideas - Divahound

After you’ve written your book or even before it’s released, Facebook Live can be a great way to engage with your readers in a real time format that is modern and inexpensive. That being said, make sure your audience is using Facebook in this way so that you’re not inviting people to a party that they don’t even know they’re invited to!

A good road map for any Facebook Live broadcast includes pre-promotion, live interaction, and re-posting the broadcast later. These post ideas can help you market your book and your career as an author.

  1. Book jacket reveal

To build excitement for your book’s release, post about hosting a Facebook Live chat in which you will reveal what the book’s cover art will look like. Lay some groundwork with your audience on the story and how the art may provide a clue into what happens with your characters. You could even encourage a little contest during the broadcast to see what kinds of ideas your fans and followers may have as to what the book cover will look like.

  1. Character study

People love to learn more about the characters in their favorite books. Many imagine what other aspects of their lives may be like if they aren’t mentioned in the story. By hosting a Facebook live chat that is dedicated to a particular character, you can spend time helping your fans understand the character you brought to life. As an added bonus, multiple characters mean more topics for different live chats.

  1. Audiobook voice actors panel

Has your book been made into an audiobook? Introduce readers to the characters in a new way by hosting the voice actors in a live panel discussion. The voice actors can talk about how they prepare for an audiobook recording and have them offer their thoughts about your characters.

  1. Live Q&A

Following the live broadcast roadmap from above, tell your followers that you’ll be hosting a Q&A open forum and announce a date and time. Then, encourage them to post questions in the comments to get an idea of what they are interested in. During the broadcast, invite live questions from your audience and answer them in real time. Make sure to use their names so they know you’re answering them! Facebook live allows viewers to react during the broadcast so you’ll see likes and comments as they come in.

If you want to market your book using a variety of digital marketing tactics and want an expert’s opinion and guidance, contact Divahound today.

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