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How – and WHY – to Create Evergreen Content

by Shannon Huppin on September 6, 2017

How - and WHY - to Create Evergreen Content - Divahound

One of the best ways to ramp up your content to support your marketing efforts is to create a pool of evergreen content. What is evergreen content? It’s web pages, blog posts and social posts that can be reused at any time of the year. A blog post about a flash sale is NOT an example of evergreen content. A social post with an image of your top-selling product and engaging copy encouraging likes and shares IS a great example of evergreen content.

Why should you spend time creating content that can be reused later? There are several benefits. For starters, you don’t have all the time in the world to continue creating new content every single day. By investing some time in evergreen content pieces that can be recycled later, you’re saving yourself time down the road. Over time, these pieces may need to be updated, but that will take significantly less time than creating something from scratch. Secondly, customers will gravitate toward content that answers the questions they have. So, if you consistently get the same questions about your products or services, that gives you a good idea of what kind of evergreen content will resonate with your core audience and keep turning readers into return customers.

Now that you’re ready to establish a core pool of evergreen content, here are some ideas that you can fill your website and social channels with that you can come back to again and again.


Take the questions you get most (five to 10) and turn them into an answer-filled blog post. Make sure you make it easy for people to contact you or order so you can maximize sales opportunities

FAQ Deep Dive

While your FAQ blog post answered a lot of questions, perhaps you can go deeper on each of those questions. Give more in-depth information and tell your customers why your small business is the solution to their question.

Tell Your Story

Everyone loves to know how someone got their start. Tell your readers how and why you began your business and they’ll feel more connected to you and your products.


In addition to telling your story, interview your team members or VIPs for some great evergreen content. They can give a personal perspective on your small business.

How-To Guides

Give people a step-by-step way to use your product and get the most out of it. Does your small business offer a service and not a physical product? Tell them the best way to order, plan, and execute your service.


Lists make great content pieces that you can post over and over. Create a list of ways or places to use your small business.

Have questions about evergreen content for your business? We’ve got answers. Contact us today and let’s create a great marketing plan for your small business.



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