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How to Build a Following on Your LinkedIn Company Page

by Shannon Huppin on October 8, 2014

How to Build a Following on Your LinkedIn Company Page

No matter what sort of small business you are running, you need to set up a company page on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is more than just another social media platform; this is a digital channel that has successfully positioned itself as being the networking channel for professionals. That means that people aren’t posting cute photos of their dogs or selfies from wherever they’ve been on vacation. LinkedIn is a space for businesses and business people to connect with peers, colleagues, clients, and prospects to share details of their skills and experiences, to get on the radar for professional career opportunities, and to occasionally brag about a deal that they’ve won or an important piece of work that has been delivered.

Is LinkedIn worth the effort? Absolutely – there are just under 200 million unique users who visit the site each month, users from around the world – that’s a whole lot of potential customers. You can use your company page on LinkedIn to publish all of the essential information about your small business, plus job opportunities and updates that you feel will be of interest to your target audience.

Once your LinkedIn company page is set up, how do you bring it to people’s attention? How do you build a following? How do you get noticed and get people talking about you and your product? We’d like to offer a few hints and tips to help get you started.

Own your niche

One of the key trends that has emerged in digital marketing and social media is that users are looking for subject matter experts. For example, if they are looking for information about pet care, and someone that they could talk to about care for their pet, then will be looking for someone who is clearly an expert in that field and that’s likely to be the person that they will choose to follow. So if a user comes across your company page on LinkedIn and it clearly shows that you’re an expert in pet care (and your updates pertain to pet care and are sufficiently engaging), then there is a good chance that they will choose to follow your company page. For this reason, the posts that you make to your company page have to be both consistent and engaging. There’s quite a bit of research that shows that if you post inconsistent material (in that you stray off topic) then that’s when people will decide to “unfollow” you. There’s one more thing – you not only have to be consistent in what you post, but you have to also demonstrate thought leadership. Not constantly, but consistently. You have to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and that you are an expert in your field or niche.

Keep it punchy

Think about how you search for and absorb information. You move quickly, stopping if something catches your eye or seems particularly relevant to your topic at hand. Long paragraphs of text may be very informative but they are more likely to be skipped as the information is too difficult to quickly absorb. Keep your LinkedIn posts succinct – use a catchy headline that clearly conveys what the post is about. Give your readers the opportunity to click through for further information if they want to know more.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Visual communication is incredibly powerful – that’s why Facebook is flooded with photos of fluffy cats – it catches the eye and draws you in. You don’t have to resort to fluffy cats, but the same principle applies on LinkedIn. Research shows that posts with an image as well as some text will perform better than posts that only have text. In terms of your company page, you also need to think about your cover photo and any logos or artwork. Your LinkedIn company page should look appealing and draw the user in.

The basic rules of social media apply to LinkedIn as a social channel – even if it does have a business focus. The golden rule: Don’t be boring. Be engaging and relevant!

Don’t know how to create your company page on LinkedIn? We can help. Contact Divahound today!

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Brian (@bbrian017) October 8, 2014 at 8:18 pm

I really should be spending more time on that website. The opportunity to increase sales is obviously there as many people are monetizing it correctly. Gathering more users to follow your company page will only increase traffic and we all know increasing the amount of traffic we get will also directly increase our sales.

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