The Diva Behind Divahound


Chief Diva of Divahound and Master of Belly-Rubs

August of 2008 is when everything went to the dogs. We had been kicking around the idea of adopting a retired racing greyhound and had contacted an adoption group in our area. In August our first greyhound, Whidbey, came into our lives. He was an aloof, muscle-bound boy who had a personality similar to a cat in that while he enjoyed our presence, he didn’t necessarily qualify as “needy” by any stretch of the imagination.

Fast-forward to November of 2009. Our adoption group sent out a plea for foster homes for the upcoming load of adoptable greyhounds. We were hesitant at first but wanted to reciprocate, and so we signed on to take a foster dog. We arrived to pick up the foster and were led over to a compact red fawn girl with what can only be termed as “presence”. She stood as though she ruled over the general vicinity and when we reached her side she gazed upon us calmly as if to say, “You may approach.” With that first glance, she began her regal rule.

Amaya went from foster dog to permanent member of the family within two months. She is the ruling diva of the family, although she does have her comical moments. Don’t tell her this, though, as she firmly believes that one can maintain regal composure while one’s tongue is hanging out the side of one’s mouth. Contact Divahound today.