Seattle Small Business

Do you love Seattle? So do we!

Divahound is proud to be a Seattle-based business. We love the vibe and energy of the Pacific Northwest. We have lived and worked in many of the most popular neighborhoods in Seattle — from Fremont and Ballard, to Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Green Lake, and beyond; we know what it takes to make the most of Seattle social media marketing. Even more, we love helping our local small businesses and the local economy. It is a pleasure to do business in such a vibrant, robust city with the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest’s natural grandeur all around.

We tailor our social media services to make the most of Seattle small business marketing and welcome the opportunity to work with our Seattle customers face-to-face to find value and success with social media. We love where we live and we want to see it thrive. As such, we have a keen eye on local small businesses and a vested interest in helping them grow and prosper.

We work with local small business owners across many diverse fields, including:

  • Food trucks
  • Local restaurants
  • Photographers
  • Hair salons
  • Private practice attorneys

Regardless of your particular industry, your small business can benefit from a bottom-line profit boost due to building your online presence.

Got a Seattle-based business? Contact Divahound today to learn more how Seattle social media marketing can bring in more customers and increase sales.