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Combat Veterans Helping Combat Veterans

“CVHCV started out as two veterans helping other veterans negotiate the maze of paperwork and bureaucracy that comprises Veterans Administration and Social Security Disability claims.

We operated through a word of mouth network that started at the VA in Seattle. We had no website, no Facebook, no business cards, no media presence whatsoever. Divahound, and in particular its founder, Shannon Huppin, volunteered her time, resources and energy – and sometimes even her own money, to build our social media presence.

Having a strong desire to help veterans and contribute to our cause, Shannon worked tirelessly to single-handedly make all of this possible. Whether it was ensuring that our website came up in the top 15 in Google, spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter, or purchasing domain names so our branding would be unique and individualized, she always performed exceptionally; with great results, and constantly communicated with us to make sure our media presence was expressed in a way that most suited us while being market savvy, effective, and professional.

The task was difficult and arduous – particularly when working with two guys from the Infantry. Yet Shannon pulled it off in a brilliant fashion. Needless to say, we cannot thank Shannon and Divahound enough for all their hard work and the great results that followed. None of this would have been possible without Shannon.

Thank for all you have done for CVHCV in particular and veterans in general.”

Franz Maish, Founder

Combat Veterans Helping Combat Veterans, a Non-Profit Organization


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