About Us

Shannon Huppin

At Divahound, we’re experts at social media management for small businesses. We help you harness the power of social media to reach new customers, revitalize existing customers, and expose your brand to the millions and millions of people using social networks everyday.

Social media is an unstoppable revolution in the way people connect, communicate and develop communities online. But for small business owners the test of marketing success is using social media to increase sales. That’s where we come in. Divahound is dedicated to making social media work for you.

It starts with developing a small business social media plan that puts all of the pieces together – blog content, Facebook, Twitter, viral videos; you name it – to drive visitors to your website. From there, we manage your online presence across various social media so your content stays fresh and your search engine rankings remain high. Finally, we use the best tools and brightest approaches to build your database of followers, friends and clients, capture qualified leads, and leverage social media to convert those leads into paying customers.

Are you ready to make the power of social media work for you? Contact Shannon Huppin at Divahound today to learn how.


Amaya went from foster dog to resident diva of the family within the short space of two months. She is the ruling diva of the family, as well as the Chief Diva of Divahound.

In her spare time, Amaya pursues her passion of becoming the Master of Belly-Rubs.