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Six Video Ideas for your Small Business in Q4 2017

by Shannon Huppin on November 1, 2017

Six Video Ideas for your Small Business in Q4 2017 - Divahound

We’ve already reached the home stretch of the year: quarter four! While it feels like the time has flown by, there’s a lot that can still be accomplished this year. With the busiest shopping season still upon us, small businesses can cash in using social media, and video in particular. Here are some ideas for you to get those creative wheels turning and make your best videos of the year yet!

Product Demo

One of the most popular types of videos, a demo of your product can familiarize the public with what you offer. Be sure to tell them how it will benefit them or make their life easier, as well as why they should get it NOW versus another time of year.


Reviews are important to businesses, but video testimonials can be even more powerful. Viewers can picture themselves as the person in the video, thus making it easier to picture themselves buying or using your products or services.

Bonus tip: save yourself some time in the new year by recording multiple video testimonials from different customers. Use some now for Q4, and sprinkle the rest throughout 2018 – instant content!


It’s the season for bringing together the people you love and being reminded of everything you’re thankful for. A heartfelt video from you, telling your staff and customers how thankful you are for them is a great way to humanize your business.

Holiday Gift Roundup

The holiday shopping season will ramp up soon, so get out in front of it with a video telling people how and why your products would make great gifts! If you make it easy for people to find and buy (i.e., putting links in your videos or telling people where to find your products), they are more likely to make the next step of purchasing. You’ll see more sales if customers can knock out multiple people on their gift lists in one spot.

Milestone Celebration

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate some successes from your past year (or years) in business. If you reached a significant number of customers, orders, franchises or simply had a banner sales year, a video is a fun way to celebrate and commemorate the occasion.

Year in Review/Thank You

It’s never a bad idea to tell your customers “thank you”! Especially at the end of the year when many people are very focused on the “busy-ness” of the season. Take a moment to recount some high points of your year, and tell your customers just how much they’ve meant to your company and how they’ve contributed to your success.

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Martin Lindeskog November 5, 2017 at 4:56 am


A year in review video sounds like a splendid idea! Would you pick YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram live, Twitter live, or Periscope?

All the Best,


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