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4 Social Video Platforms to Watch

by Shannon Huppin on April 29, 2015

4 Social Video Platforms to WatchDoes your small business have really dynamic, visual product? Is your team lots of fun? There are a number of reasons to tip your toe into the video realm of social media, but how do you know where to post your stuff? Our first recommendation is, of course, to go where your customers are. But after that, your next step is determining which platform will best display your message. Explore the following platforms and see which one is right for your small business.


This unique platform allows users to create quick, six-second videos for their followers. This platform is great if you have humorous content that people wouldn’t mind watching over and over since the video will automatically play on a loop. If you’re marketing to millennials and young people, Vine is worth exploring. Make sure your content is clever, as this is the route to getting people to watch (and share!) your video. Keep it fun, and let Vine help you boost your product recognition.


A new video platform from Facebook, Riff allows you to create collaborative videos with friends. By filming a quick clip and asking others to add their own bits, your “New Ways to use Our Spatula” video could become an online viral gem. This new and untested platform may prove to offer the next wave of app excitement for marketing to young people. One potential issue is that businesses lose some content control by asking others to contribute to the video; you never know what you’ll end up with.

Periscope and Meerkat

Newcomers to the social scene, these two platforms are getting a lot of attention. While they are streaming apps and not strictly for pre-recorded videos, they offer users the ability to live stream anything – and we mean anything – online. Want to show how your production office creates your product? How about live-streaming a product launch? There are lots of opportunities for creativity with these new platforms.


Extremely popular with teenagers in the last two years, Snapchat is a big hitter with young people. Users create short photos and videos that after they are viewed, are deleted from the platform. The new “Stories” feature allows the videos to be viewed for 24 hours, allowing businesses to keep their brands top of mind for more than a few seconds.

Bonus: YouTube

Not to be discounted, the video giant of the Internet is still YouTube. It is a great choice for marketers with longer messages or wanting better social sharing ability. A YouTube message is great for sharing across a variety of social platforms and could help create a solid video presence for your brand online.

Want some help in deciding if video is the way to go? Contact Divahound today!

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